4 Issues Specific To Service Industry Bookkeeping

Service industry bookkeeping can be among the biggest challenges in business. If you're looking for bookkeeping solutions for service industry firms, it's important to find a setup that addresses industry-specific problems. That means you'll need a checklist of the expected problems, too. Use the list below to make sure you'll find the solution that's right for your business.

Constantly Shifting Workforce

Even at service industry operations with steady employees, the workforce at large is likely to ebb and flow. Few service industries have steady workloads throughout the year so there may be huge differences in hours and employees between peak and slow seasons. Likewise, many service industry jobs attract first-timers, recent arrivals, and other people who may stick around for less than a year.

Consequently, you want a bookkeeping solution that allows you to constantly make changes. Similarly, your solution needs to be easy to use. You don't want to be fighting with software when you need to do orientation for 10 new employees.

Unexpected Expenses

While most service industry work tends to be steady enough to allow the budgeting of materials and equipment, unexpected expenses can be tough. A restaurant might discover a mold issue where a refrigerator had been venting moisture into a storage space, for example. Now the restaurant has to fix a fridge and remediate the problem.

Quality bookkeeping solutions for service industry companies provide cash flow reports. These reports make it easier to determine what your cash on hand is so you can address unexpected expenses. Also, the cash flow reports will give you a sense of when you're getting close to critical limits. You can then either adjust expenses or seek financing to straddle such a scenario.


Understandably, taxes might now sound especially unique to the services world. However, service businesses take in a lot of small-to-medium-size payments. They also frequently pay many employees, complete with the predictable turnover. In other words, lots of taxable stuff goes into the system in small increments. You need a solution that allows easy inputs and makes tax reporting super simple and precise.


You must regularly verify that what you have on hand for money, equipment, and supplies matches what your books say. This is known as reconciling your company's books. Once more, the reporting system is your friend. If you can print reports or send them to mobile devices, you can get hands-on with reconciling your books. Not only does this speed the process, but it makes it easier to do it more often and avoid potential bookkeeping shortfalls. To learn more, contact a company that offers bookkeeping solutions for the service industry